Real Voodoo - Answers To Most Common Questions


1) Is your African voodoo black magic safe?

Absolutely, there are no return energies, bad karma or damage resulting from my expert magic works. All my magic rituals are guaranteed and properly executed with knowledge and sacred wisdom. My witchcraft will never cause you harm to you nor any of your love ones.

2) What negative effects may occur?

None. The subject will be under protection at all times. The proper implementation of each ritual is guaranteed by my years of experience and divine wisdom.

3) Who will perform the ritual?

All the rituals will be perform by High Priestess Asabi Chinue, without intermediaries or persons delegated.

4) How will I stay in contact with the High Priestess Asabi Chinue before and after the ritual?

The High Priestess provides updates by e-mail, which are defined from time to time depending on the situation encountered. The Priestess ensures a response, most often within 24 hours of the request.

5) How do I know if the voodoo spell cast for my situation is working?

You will notice without any doubt when the intervention carried out by the Priest is working, once the energies of the magic spell fully manifest the new situation will be completely different from the existing one and your desires fully materialized. The methods of making such a change, however, may be different from case to case since the energies always find their own way to manifest. For example with a love spell casted for you(eg a return of a loved one can begin with a call from the partner who wants to reconnect, or by phone message, an email, a personal visit, etc. .).

6) How do I commission a voodoo work perform for a specific problem?

Simply by sending an email to High Priestess using the the contact form on this website. She will read your message and contact you with a free estimate.

9) How do I pay?

High Priestess, only accepts payment for voodoo works requested through the official website using Paypal. This form of payment is adopted worldwide is totally secure, confidential, and reliable.

10) Can the effectiveness of your voodoo spells be affected by previous or current esoteric interventions done by others?

No, any intervention carried out by me is stronger than any other ritual performed and will not be affected or influenced.

11) How much time is required to see results?

There are no rituals capable of producing results in 2 or 3 days. It is not realistic to expect instant results. The time frame for desire results varies depending on the type of the intervention performed and the situation. Usually energies fully manifest desire results in as short as 14 days to no more than 90 days.

12) If the deadlines have passed and I have not seen any results, it means that the ritual is not successful?

In rare cases, sometimes a ritual may take slightly longer time periods since the degree of response of each subject is different and, in some cases, requires additional waiting time and work perform however this will be done at not additional cost to you.

13) What information do you need to perform a voodoo spell ?

Usually the information required to complete the magic spell will be complete name, date of birth and photo of the subjects involve.

14) Can your magic spells be performed and effective at a distance?

Certainly, the professional magic works cast by High Priestess Asabi Chinue are effective at any distance in every part of the world.

15) Why do other types of magic spells done by others did not work on me? Is my case hopeless?

Obviously you have never contact me before. The African Voodoo spells I cast are the most powerful and effective African magic witchcraft available in the world. Before you think that your case is impossible to resolve and you give away your hope, contact me, I will use my expertise and knowledge of African witcraft to help you achieve your desires.


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